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Whitetail - These Texas native deer are one of, if not the most, commonly and widely sought after game animals in North America. Their keen eyesight, sense of smell, and cautious nature make the harvest of a mature buck an accomplishment for any hunter to be proud of. While many Texas ranches have imported captive-bred genetics to grow unnaturally large antlers, we have focused on maximizing the potential of our native, hill country whitetail through habitat management, selective harvest, and allowing bucks to reach an appropriate age before harvest. Our whitetails are 100% native, wild deer. Season from Oct. - Feb


Axis Buck

Axis - Widely regarded as one of the world's prettiest deer, the axis deer also provides excellent table fare. A native of India, axis have been free ranging in the area of our ranch for over a half century and are one of the main attractions to hunters visiting Kent Creek Ranch. Axis are a larger bodied deer, with mature bucks weighing around 200lbs, typically sporting 3x3 antlers with long tines, main beams, and an impressive spread. Hunters visiting Kent Creek can expect to encounter multiple bucks sporting main beams over 30 inches, with a potential to harvest bucks in the mid-to-high 30's. Axis rival whitetails in all their senses and provide a challenging quarry for the hunter. Hunts available year round with prime rutting period in the late spring-early summer.



Blackbuck - Like axis, the blackbuck antelope are a native of India. Males turn jet black with white accents once assuming a dominant position in the herd and make an impressive trophy. A native of open plains, the blackbuck use their exceptional sight and speed to evade hunters. Mature males will sport corkscrew horns measuring at least 18inches on the straight line with exceptional males in the mid-20's. 


Japanese Sika Buck

Japanese Sika - As the name implies, the Japanese Sika are a deer native to the islands of the Japanese archipelago. These small bodied, dark colored deer are a close relative of the American Elk and European Red deer. While often overlooked for their relatively small 4x4 antlers, the Japanese Sika is an extremely challenging trophy, and many hunts are ruined by the shrill whistle of alert females. During their October rut, males (stags) bugle much like you would expect a 100lb elk to sound, and are susceptible to calling using elk cow calls. Sika is excellent table fare All of our Japanese Sika are free range and have been roaming the area for decades. Hunted from Sept - Feb with the prime rut in late Oct-early Nov.


Manchurian Sika

Manchurian Sika - A very close relative of the Japanese Sika, the Manchurians are a much larger animal coming from the more extreme climate of the Korean Peninsula and Northeastern China. Trophy Manchurian stags will weigh upwards on 250lbs, have a shaggy grey-brown coat in winter, and sport heavy antlers approaching 30 inches on the main beam with at least 4 points per side. One well known trait of Manchurian Sika is the propensity to produce additional tines with 5x5 or larger stags much more prevalent than other Sika species. While the Manchurian name often gets assigned to lesser Sika hybrids, our bloodlines can be traced to the original imports and we take pride in keeping our bloodlines pure. Our Manchurians can be found within the fenced portion of the property to keep them separated from the Japanese Sika. Hunting available from August to February with prime rut occurring in October.



Fallow Deer - Fallow deer are a native of Europe and the Middle East. Trophy fallow sport large palmated antlers with a multitude of points radiating from the palm, and come in a variety of colors including white, reddish with white spots, and chocolate as well as a number of variations in between. Like the axis and Sika, fallow deer have been free ranging in our region for decades. Fallow are very vocal during their late October rut, with a distinct guttural grunt echoing across the canyons as they corral their harem of females. Fallow may be hunted from August to February, with the most activity during the October rut.



Aoudad - Native to the rugged hills of Northern Africa, Aoudad have been roaming our region for decades; however, they have only been seen on the ranch reliably within the last 5 years. Trophy males will weigh upwards of 250lbs, sporting 30+ inch horns and a long beard hanging down from their neck and legs which is commonly referred to as 'chaps'. Aoudad are more of a target of opportunity on the ranch, and if you are specifically interested in them, give us a call, typically we have some trophy males show up with our females when they start rutting in October-November.



Addax - Another native of North Africa, the addax are adapted to dry climates in the Sahara region. Nearly extinct in their home range, addax directly represent the conservation value of Texas Exotic ranching with more Addax in Texas than anywhere else in the world. Texas raised addax have in fact been used to help repopulate their home range in Africa. Kent Creek Ranch is proud to be a part of this conservation story with a well managed herd of these beautiful animals. We typically only harvest 1-3 addax per year as males get kicked out of the herd or females pass their breeding age. If interested in hunting one of these unique animals, please give us a call. Aside from being beautiful trophies, they are excellent table fare. Available year round.



Rio Grande Turkey - Native Rio Grande turkeys roam the ranch year round. While legal to harvest during the fall whitetail season, Kent Creek only allows hunting of turkeys during the spring season so that hunters can get the full excitement of calling in a gobbling tom. Spring turkey hunting is also an excellent combination with axis and hogs.