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The Kent Creek Ranch is 3000 acres of hunting land with an attractive mix of heavy woods and open meadows. Ranch terrain varies from rugged canyon bottoms and creek beds at 1800 ft. up to 2300 ft. elevation at the hilltops.

Hunting is available for a variety of native and exotic species. The ranch has been under game and habitat management programs for over 20 years, and the results are seen in the quality of our trophies. With few exceptions, all native and exotic animals are born on the ranch from naturally sustaining populations, and are adapted well to our terrain.

We strive to provide a safe, fun, challenging fair-chase hunting experience. While we cannot guarantee success due to the elusiveness of our animals and their good cover, we provide the hunter with good shot opportunities, and you never know what species you’ll see on the next hill. Hunts are tailored to the hunter’s desired method of take; we are setup to provide opportunities for spot & stalk, stand, and still hunting with rifle, bow, pistol, or muzzleloader. Please contact John (Cuatro) Smith, our experienced ranch and hunt manager, to answer any questions and provide you with a hunting experience you will never forget!